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I think this story got inadequate coverage in the press (first story on the page).
Follow up here.

I have the following two (reasonably vivid) memories that do not make sense. I can only assume that someone has been doing copy and paste or cut and paste between brains. If it is copy and paste then you may remember them if they are your memories, in which case let me know, also if you think you have any of mine.

1. Northampton. I have a memory of going into Northampton to buy something. I cannot, however, imagine what. I have certainly gone to strange places to buy strange things, but I cannot really imagine what could have been worth going to Northampton to get, since I have never lived particularly close to it. Neither of the obvious things I might have gone to buy, RPG stuff or electronics, spring to mind - and anyway the memory involves driving and I don't think I really bought much RPG stuff post 1986 when I passed my driving test and got a car.

2. Stratford (East London, not On Avon or Ontario!). This is even more inexplicable, it involves going to Stratford in East London, on the tube, at some point whilst there were extensive building works going on at Stratford station, in the cold and rain, to go to some gig / play / similar - with the vague feeling that when we got there whatever it was turned out to be (a) in a room above a pub and (b) cancelled, with a note on the door saying it was cancelled.

Frankly, the number of gigs / plays / concerts / operas / stand-up performances I have slogged into London to go to, never mind across London, to see can probably be counted, if not on the fingers of both hands, then pretty damn close. In particular I am hard pressed to think of ANYTHING I would want to see enough to go to the darkest reaches of the Central Line in winter.

I hope that whoever has got any of my memories in return has got some just as thrilling!

If anywhere has got to be a portal between the worlds it is the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. This is an image I found via Google, but I have a good photo I took inside the tunnel last week, which frankly I prefer, I will post somewhere when I get round to it.
The tunnel has lots of 'no cycling' markings on the ground. I like to think that the reason, rather than being the danger of smashing into pedestrians is that if you go too fast through it you will definitely be transported to The Other Side.
In the dead of night, equipped with a friend's new collapsible bike, I will be trying out this theory. Wish me luck.

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