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That's what you are

There is a musician's shaggy dog story about a guy asking the pianist in a bar to play 'that's what you are', the pianist doesn't know it, the guy says 'oh, come on you must', then the punchline is that the guy eventually sings it 'unforgettable, that's what you are'.
Anyway,  I have been in this position as I was going to post something to say that I have an ear worm with the words 'with hooting and howls he deflowers young owls' in place of the words 'into the night, into the night'. However, I could not for the lie of me work out what the song with the lyrics 'into the night, into the night'.
As you might have guessed, it is Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson. which I found when I remembered the word 'stepping'. That was surprisingly painful. Particularly given the nature of the other songs. And can I just say that irksome techno remixes are to YouTube what genealogy sites and multiple copies of Wikpedia are to the increasingly less and less useful Google?

Also... I had a dream where, as far as I can remember, we at work were going to build HS2 in Ruby. We were going to do it by taking a copy of CrossRail and modifying it (copy, paste, mutate). Christian Wolmar the transport commentator was there and said that it wouldn't work.

This is what you get when your sleep is light due to staying in a B&B with two greyhounds who have a habit of waking up and turbulating in the night. Obviously, you don't want them to pee on the carpet but equally you would rather not take them down two flights of stairs and outside onto the street to empty them. The B&B was lovely (as was the Nepalese take-away round the corner), Bexhill-on-sea rather less so. Lots of empty shops, charity shops and 2nd hand furniture shops. A reminder that there are lots of places in the so-called 'South East' that aren't prosperous - although the other end of the town looked rather better, to be fair.

Also, I think our discovery that you need Ruby 1.8 to build Ruby 1.9 may have provoked this. Ruby 1.8 bootstraps itself by building a miniruby, whereas Ruby 1.9 doesn't. I think we will have to build Ruby 1.8 first then use it when building Ruby 1.9. This seems somehow full of The Wrong. Maybe we should have chosen Python 7 years ago. Arguably my choice of Ruby was more eccentric then than it seems now as that was before the days of Rails. (Thinks: Ah, HS2 and Crossrail and Ruby On Rails, maybe that explains it (*))

Amusingly, I found myself with no car manual and realised I didn't know how to lock the car without turning on the alarm - obviously useful if you want to nip out to get a coffee or nip to the loo with the greyhounds in the car. The Googling was, due to being for car related keywords, essentially useless due to the random car ads, car accessory ads, buy cheap or used etc. that appear however I did eventually discover that you have to click the lock button twice quickly. I think. It didn't work once (when I was - TMI here - trying to find a tree to pee behind). So either
a) that time I didn't double click fast enough
b) the other times it did work the greyhounds didn't move enough to set it off
(to add insult to injury, a group of public spirited people were working on the area I wanted to find a tree in so I had to give up and go somewhere else anyway).

(*) an anecdote from an ex-colleague... in the dying days of a once proud software house my ex-colleague was in the same part of an open plan office as the people who were putting together a bid to do the IT for Eurotunnel (against the winner who I think were Logica). The tender document said that they had to use Oracle. My ex-colleague overheard one them say 'yes, I can see that makes sense, they'll want to have TVs with information text on them' and the rest of them agreeing. Said ex-colleague went to see these people's boss.
Ex-C: I'm working in the same area as your bid team and there's something you ought to know
Boss: (Brusquely) Yes, what is it?
Ex-C: ... (as above)
Boss: (Goes pale)

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