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What's the recipe today, Jim?

An interesting story on this week's NTK (www.ntk.net) saying that Eric Raymond is revising the jargon file to add some strange terms he has made up himself and to redefine the 'geek politics' bit to fit in more with his prejudices.
My understanding, however, is that when ESR took over and codified the Jargon File he made a lot of changes to move things forward in time, effectively changing it from being about the Lisp / Lisp Machine culture to being about UNIX culture. Somewhere I have a zip file of UNIX haters list archives where Raymond is being slagged of for doing this - probably on an old PC, I will have to track it down.
There is an amusing parallel between what Lisp / Lisp Machine people said about C / UNIX and what C / UNIX people say about Windows. There is certainly an article to be written about it, but I don't think I am the person.

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