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In other news...

Looks like 2 votes for jQuery and none for Dojo. Looking on the web, I think maybe Dojo is a bit 2008 (and I realise this is just the sort of thing that gets drive by comments, to which I can only preemptively say 'yar boo').

Also read on the iPod via the Kindle app, The Girl With The Tatooed Badger and The Girl Who Played With Badgers (am now reading The Girl Who Poked The Badger's Nest, though it is rather turgid compared to the other two). They seemed much as detective novels usually are, there seems to have been a bit of a backlash against them, which I don't quite understand, though I can imagine lots of people thinking ah a best selling detective novel and not expecting the rape scenes etc. The prose seems rather flat but maybe that's the translation.

Bought and started but haven't finished The Finckler Question. Some people have objected to it being called the first comic novel to win the Booker on the grounds that other comic novels have won it previously, my objection is more on the lines of that even if there hadn't been any comic novels before that won it, it still wouldn't be the first. It is possible I haven't got to the funny bits yet, but I kind of infer from the tone of the prose that it is supposed to be funny. I did like Coming From Behind, Jacobson's first novel, a campus novel set in what is obviously Wolverhampton Poly, but none of his other books which I have tried have really worked for me.

Player One by Douglas Coupland. Hmm. A bunch of people stuck in an airport bar come the global melt-down, we are rather in the territory of Girlfriend In A Coma here. Not only are a few of his novels quite similar, but now he is actually reusing jokes. I assume that he actually did this as a dramatised reading on CBC as it is this year's Massey Lecture. Maybe there will be a CD of it.

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