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Peter Flowerbuck

A film of The Liar by Stephen Fry is allegedly being made (though obviously when films are in development one never knows, and most of the references to it are 2009).
See here
Now, I see from that synopsis they are going for cottaging rather than tarty teenage public school boys, presumably more socially acceptable but...

... the Peter Flowerbuck (the 'discovered' fragment of Dickens' lost novel concerning child prostitution) plot won't really work. A key part of the humour is that the scene in the book where Peter is (or believes he has been) wanked off by Joe in his sleep / as he dozes off echoes the same thing happening when Hugo wanks off Adrian, leading in the end to Hugo confronting Adrian about the whole thing on the lines of what terrible thing did I do to you that you forged a Dickens novel based on what happened to us at school, then contrived to have the two of us appearing in the play of it etc.? For my money this whole sub-plot is one of the funniest things I have ever read and I can't see how it can work without the bit that happened when they were at school.

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