Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

My enemy's enemy (a.k.a. 'I'm irked by the BBC')

A look in LJ archive suggests to me that approximately 10% of my LJ posts since the beginning of time have been slagging off the BBC. Particular themes...
1) uncritical reporting of press releases as news (a.k.a. 'wank-tank Monday')
2) making shit up (Socks / Cookie etc.)
3) cowardice in the face of mendacious politicians
4) poor production values (seriously, why does BBC drama usually look so awful compared to American, it is not like it is done that cheaply and the American system is notoriously wasteful and inefficient?)
5) poor science reporting
6) 'Shape of Earth. Opinions Differ' style news reporting in general
7) Various other failings in the news reporting, but I think the blanket term 'Robert Peston' sums things up well
8) Unwillingness to make new drama rather than recycling old ideas

(other blanket terms to go along with Robert Peston include 'Torchwood' and '5 Live')

Perhaps I should make them into a song.

In related news, I am gob-smacked that the government has not talked about flogging of Channel 4 (I failed to prepare my 'Flog Off Four' badges for me and pmcray for when we saw Bill Gibson, though it may not have been quite the audience to wind up with them). I suppose the one good thing about having a Tory MP now is that I an email her on the subject, suggesting she remind George and Dave that they own it.

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