Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

In the Bill Gibson mosh pit

I was amused to see Bill Gibson making the same joke this morning on Twitter that I did last night about the 'mosh pit' at Cadogan Hall where he was 'in conversation with' Cory Doctorow yesterday evening.
someone's picture here (looks like he was in the balcony whereas I was in the stalls).
The photographer of said picture tweeted "Very quiet night, elderly crowd, I was surprised." And Bill retweeted this and commented "[No mosh pit? :-)]".
I had made a comment about the lack of mosh pit, or more specifically, lack of security staff available to deal with the mosh pit to pmcray at the time.
The crowd seemed less obviously geeky than the couple of times I have been to see Douglas Coupland.
Not quite sure what 'geeky' looks like in London on a school day anyway. Certainly there were leather / vinyl trousers (I am not an expert so cannot distinguish).
Suspect the 25 quid ticket price may go some way to explaining the 'elderly' nature of the crowd.
(Here's another good picture).

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