Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel


1. By bizarre coincidence, having mentioned Kaye Webb, Waterstones had a new (well, maybe not so new, but it was on the 'new' shelf) biography of Kaye Webb.

2. As well as the Hotel Chocolat stuff pointed out by zengineer, I found some other, cheaper, liquid hot chocolate mix from a catering supplier. A kilogramme tin has arrived. However
a) what exactly does one do with a kg of liquid hot chocolate mix in a tin can with a ring-pull top once one has opened it?
b) rather bizarrely it doesn't seem to have a list of ingredients on it, I thought this was a requirement but maybe as a catering pack there is some sort of weird exception
c) the 'best before' date doesn't have a year on it.
Hmm. Not sure quite what to do with it.

3. Got an emergency appointment with the dentist, he hit lots of teeth, no that sounds wrong, tapped lots of teeth doing the optician stylee 'which is worse one, two or three'. None of them caused any particular pain (other than subsequently from having had teeth tapped rather a lot whilst having a gum infection). He decided the infection is probably on the way down and I should just make another appointment if it hasn't gone by Friday.

4. The Ruby script from hell has now, for complex, sordid yet uninteresting reasons, had to make a foray into reading and writing XML files. I have beaten the poorly documented XML API into submission, though converting MBCS characters in a variety of formats into UTF8 is proving irksome, hence my moan earlier. To be fair, Ruby 1.9 has better Unicode support, but for reasons of sanity I am using the version that is built and linked in with our software.

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