Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Hot chocolate

So... we had a Tassimo machine in the kitchen at work, but being a domestic one it couldn't cope with heavy use so was replaced and relegated to the meeting room - possibly my sarcastic comments about all the waste may have had something to do with this too. Ironically, it was replaced by a commercial grade filter coffee machine of the American stewed coffee variety, and that has had to be sent back under warranty twice in under a year.
Anyway, the only good thing about the Tassimo is the Suchard's Chocolate. I have taken to occasionally raiding the meeting room cupboard for the disks and then peeling the plastic with the handle tip of a tea-spoon, then putting it into a mug, filling with boiling water, then stirring round to get the chocolate liquid to dissolve (or suspend, more accurately?).
This has been described by an esteemed colleague as 'a bit pikey', and another stepped back a couple of metres very quickly presumably for fear that it might cause the Hellmouth to open again.
[As an added complication, the cupboard has mocha packs consisting of one packed of this and one of espresso, which is powder not liquid, the 'normal' hot chocolate is not nearly as nice]

So, the obvious question is why don't they sell liquid hot chocolate concentrate in jars or little plastic sachets...

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