Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
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American Splendour

I think Harvey Pekar has had more posts marking his passing in these corners of the noosphere than anyone since John Peel, except possibly Arthur C Clarke. curious_soupz has talked about finding copies of American Splendor in his local head shop. Which I can't possibly improve on except to say did ye olde headde shoppe really have comics and second hand Steely Dan cassettes? I suppose it must, unless there is some heavy duty conflation going on in my head. "Your funny cigarettes, your sixty-one cassettes".
But this leads me onto another subject... when juggzy hit town and we met up along with j4, jackfirecat and addedentry I mentioned my threatened post on 'things I do not get'. This has foundered on the definition of 'things I do not get'. Clearly there are many things I do not get, but why would you expect me to, so it has really got to be 'things I do not get that you might on some level expect me to get'. But you probably actually wouldn't expect me to get them either. So, anyway...
... number 1 on the list has got to be superhero comics. I mean, I can understand the appeal of comics, in principle. But superhero comics... why ????
It's as if 70% of SF novels were set in orbital hospitals, or 60% of detective novels featured a detective called George and were set in Watford. And admittedly some of the 60% of detective novels would 'play with' the idea of George and Watford in a knowing fashion. And the orbital hospitals would be reinvented from time to time. But I do not get it.

Coming soon... Perl. And Theatre. Yes, all theatre. Except musicals. And Palm Pilots. No, not all theatre except musicals about Palm Pilots. Which would have to be sung through. Just Palm Pilots. # 'I am scribbling on this tiny little space with a stylus. A character I have had to memorise.' #

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