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Sadly, I don't seem to have posted to LJ my 'is it too early to begin the 'Save 6 Music' campaign' comment, which I made either before it actually started, or in its very early days. But remember that whatever you value there is probably someone waiting to gratuitously fuck it up, (and in the case of 6 Music there is some wiggle room in the BBC Trust's report, so vigilance is needed) Particularly in this economic climate, it reminds me of the 70s all over again. Time to start the campaign for the local library, methinks.

I was musing on the way home, is there a term for people who feel the need to gratuitously fuck things up for the sheer joy of it? Apart from 'Tories', of course.

Adam Buxton was particularly fine on Channel 4 News yesterday (with a recap of his inviting Mark Thomson outside for a fight and Mark Thompson's look of 'who is this oik, doesn't he know I'm one of the great and good' sneer).

Now, can't we get rid of Sean Keaveny, please?! Although he did read out an amusing tweet on the lines of 'l'm glad they've saved 6 Music, now I can stop pretending to listen to it'.

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