Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Blake's Four

I have now, thanks to the 85p reservations at the library, read all 4 of Victoria Blake's detective novels - Bloodless Shadow, Cutting Blades, Skin And Blister, Jumping The Cracks.
As you may recall, Ms Blake was in the same year as me at St. Badger's. I have no meaningful recollection of her, except that I did know that her Father was High Stoat at The Stoat's College, and I dimly recall some of her friends going to the High Stoat's Lodgings to see her home. (One of the good things about the University of Upminster was that people who came from the city were not only allowed to live in college despite coming from the city, but were more or less required to).
Detective novels usually fail to make it into my long term memory, so the fact that I remember anything about these is a sign they are above average. As I've said before, it is impossible to read most British detective novels without thinking the writer has written it with at least one eye on the inevitable TV adaptation. In this respect is is probably unfortunate that Oxford and Oxfordshire probably have their quotas of detective serials on TV, because I think these are somewhat better than Veronica Stallwood's - and Sam Falconer (Sam Spade, Maltese Falcon) has enough 'oh noes the backstory' to keep ITV happy.
Maybe when Kevin Whatley gets fed up doing Lewis and it turns into Duckworth, Sam could be introduced and then spun off. Duckworth could be Sam's cop ex-boyfriend from the novels. I can see it all working.
The last was published in 2007 so I suspect the series may have run out of steam.

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