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1. I seem to be out on a limb here but I thought this week's episode of The Whobabies was particularly poor. It seemed at the level of coherence that would be obtained by
a) videoing a bunch of 10 years olds playing a Dr. Who let's pretend (with kiss chase interludes) at playtime
b) transcribing it into a script
c) getting the actors to perform it
Also, as before, it managed to be frenetic yet dull at the same time.

2. I was struck how much more coherent by comparison (not that this says much) 'Lewis' was. But oooh could it be any more slashy? Lewis was off in a biiiig sulk because S.A.S. (sergeant of ambiguous sexuality) Duckworth (*) had a shag with a posh woman.

(*) Obviously he isn't called Duckworth, but he should be. Why do ITV never have the requisite nerve with these things?

3. The LibDems were unable to rustle up a Gaelic speaker for the debate on BBC Alba. Mind you, it is not completely clear that the Tories did either. The guy they had said 'I'm not a member of the Conservative Party' just as the caption came up 'Bloke's name - Conservative'. For Representation Of The People Act purposes it was made clear that although two of the representatives (Labour and SNP) were standing in the Western Isles it was a national debate!

4. Books...
I bought a couple of the Head First books from O'Reilly. Not really to my taste - the information density is rather low, and as with the people on the back of Oxford Bus buses I find myself distracted by trying to work out the semiotics of the clip art people. What do they stand for? How did they get the job? 'We want you to be the pouty girl who appears in clip-art in a programming book'. (FX Googles - Ah, I see she is called skeptical girl - why is the skeptic a girl I wonder? Discuss. Also I see that one of the others is 'smart asia guy'. Oh, my head is going to explode. Off to walk the dogs before this develops into the 300 page 'why I hate geek culture and the concept of geek culture' fully illustrated with irksome clip art from the back of buses'.

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