Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

It aint half Who, Mum

I expect you all knew this (mentioned again by the BBC in the context of the BBC Archive thing about the regeneration) "Troughton's early thoughts about how he might play the Doctor included a "tough sea captain" and a piratical figure in blackface and a turban."
Wonder how that would have affected the DVD sales and re-runs.
Meanwhile, I quite enjoyed tonight's episode of Who, though it had moments which managed to be frenetic and dull simultaneously. We watched City Of Death afterwards for comparison, which is probably slightly unfair as it is an all time classic but I felt that NuWho didn't come out of the comparison favourably. Nonetheless Moffat-Who does feel to me like Who in the way that Rusty-Who didn't, even in the Eccleston era.

I did feel that there was a sign of BBC product placement gone mad, particularly if there are talking ones that say 'Would you care for a cup of tea?' as well, of course, as 'White Wee-Wee, White Wee-Wee' etc.
And, is it wrong of me to say that I find the idea of the new multi-coloured Ikea daleks assembling and disassembling each other with their Allen keys strangely erotic?

This, of course, takes us to Victor Lewis-Smith. I am pleased to see that most of his 'satirical songs in the 80s style' are up on YouTube, which ARE very much satirical songs in the 80s style. Week Ending, small boys, satire for goal-posts, isn't it? I particularly like the
'It's nice selling God' one.

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