Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Chopped up (cyber)man, chopped up (cyber)man

He is risen indeed!

1."People of Earth, your attention please".
2. Also, a brief moment where Amy was doing the 'red-head sceptically disbelieving the evidence of her own eyes' bit. Sonic screwdriver isn't quite a Maglite but she did have a torch...
3. Would have quite liked the little girl to be the assistant. 'Chopped up man, chopped up man'.
4. Am hoping that the missing parents are not the Chekhov's gun - where the parents are missing in act 1, the time-machine will be used to visit them in act 4.
5. Wedding dress.. I refer you the words of the bowl of petunias.
6. Nice to see the assistant not from Lahndahn, innit?
7. Aargh, the music. I realise that the Radiophonic Workshop was (possibly rightly, as listening to later stuff I do wonder if it was going anywhere) disbanded during the now discredited Burtist regime, but there are plenty of people who can do things less orchestral. Or orchestral and better. It seemed unusually bad yesterday.
8. The coming back years later, whilst terribly poignant in this case, is becoming a bit clichéd. Enough, no more. (as an aside, I though Mickey having been suspected of killing Rose and having been questioned was one of Rusty's better concessions to reality).
9. I'm sure it won't surprise you for me to say this but ENOUGH WITH THE IRKSOME PREFIGURING, ALREADY. Irksome prefiguring is not a substitute for plotting or story arc.
10. A bit too much fan-wank.
11. I really do not like the 'he'll save every one of us, every man every woman every child' stuff.
12. As someone who doesn't have many ideas I can sympathise with Moffers, but I can see that the permuting of his ideas could get a bit old rather quickly, so I am hoping the other writers are given free reign.
13. Having said the above, this was the first episode in ages that I liked rather than wanted to like (reservations being (i) the music (ii) the fan-wank (iii) the 'Who, saviour of the universe' stuff). I suspect a lot of this stems from the fact that NuWho season 1 contained all the ideas the gang had been saving up for years in case they ever got the chance to bring it back, and the BBC being the BBC in such circumstances you wouldn't hold ideas back for season 2. It is the old '2nd album' problem, or equally why new magazines tend to turn crap at issue 3 or 4 just after you've subscribed to them.

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