Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

DO NOT GO OUTSIDE until the radio tells you it is safe to do so

Semagic is refusing to log on to LJ. Other people clearly are having the same problem. Perhaps a later version will help. Also, iTunes, need I say more?! Mac software ported to the PC always has a certain foetid stench to it.
Bizarrely, along with my CD of Other Channels, a vinyl copy of Mind How You Go, also by The Advisory Circle arrived today. My initial thought was I thought in the end that I decided not to buy a vinyl copy as a present for X, and indeed I didn't, but I have suggested to them that since it arrived I may as well pay for it.
Mind How You Go is a fine album. As Mr Maconie said the idea of a Nuclear Substation and the public information film telling one to keep out of them is a lovely one. Obviously we have to imagine that the nuclear substation is a real but small nuclear reactor - maybe they replaced substations so were just called that even though substations traditionally didn't generate power. A far better invocation of what it is pastiching than Life On Mars or Red Riding managed. If anyone wants faux late 70s Radiophonic Workshop this is the place to go. Indeed, a TV series should be made precisely to use his talents - something featuring the nuclear substation, perhaps.
Or maybe a drama about a thinly disguised Stafford Beer trying to bring about a cybernetic singularity. Or perhaps preventing one.

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