Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

The winged cat of Oxford Zoo

Makes an appearance in an article in 'Around and About', a free monthly what's on and adverts magazine-let that gets put through our door once a month.
Ah, a Google search shows that the zoo was in Kidlington see here.

And another quote... "Captain W. F. Cooper (of the jam-making family) was the owner of Oxford Zoo from around 1933 and was also one of the original directors of Dudley. Oxford Zoo closed the same year that Dudley opened (1937) and some form of deal was struck to transfer the stock - An article in the Bartlett Society newsletter a few years back by Gwyn Griffiths suggested that Oxford was bought out by the Dudley Zoological Society in its last few months of operation."

I bet that's a cover story. I bet he made them into jam :-)

I am somehow disappointed that the zoo did exist, more so that it wasn't actually in Oxford.

Hey ho. Obviously I am thinking of the other zoo. You know, where the incident with Huw and the ocapi took place.
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