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Quote du jour

"Anyway, for a while there was a bell outside my room and a long bell rope hanging over the stair-well into the downstairs, which my family would pull if they wanted me. It was useful because I was always reading or trying to figure out the truth about truth and God (really, and to think I could've been masturbating, although on the other hand there were two doors into my bedroom from different locales and although my family were pretty good about knocking, two doors, though certainly not causative of a jumpy personality, cannot be said to be a cure)."

By Anne Herbert, who you almost certainly won't have heard of, but she was one of the editors and contributors to CoEvolution Quarterly, The Whole Earth Catalog, Whole Earth Review etc.
The quote comes from the 1980 edition of the Whole Earth Catalog (The Next Whole Earth Catalog), which was/is my favourite edition - but I guess they are like Doctor Whos, your favourite is the one that you encounter at the right age.

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