Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
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Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland

Over the years, I would say that my three favourite popular music beat combos slash single exponents have been Steely Dan (and parts thereof), Tom Robinson (with and without Band) and The Alan Parsons Project. Yes, I realise if I had any cred this would torpedo it here and now.
I am still a big fan of Steely Dan and the gentleman broadcast, but the Alan Parsons Project somewhat less. The last time I listened to Turn Of A Friendly Card my reactions were
'I can't believe I was such a big fan of this'
'Oooh prog-tastic'
'This is batshit insane'
'Actually this is one of the great prog albums'

I then listened to Pyramid, and really didn't particularly like it. Ah well, tastes change.

Obviously this post provoked by the death of Eric Woolfson. The BBC News obit says inter alia 'His friend Deborah Owen said: "Eric was very much a self-made man. He couldn't read music but if you asked him to play anything he could do it straight away." Another of these 'he couldn't read music' things that people say, which I can never quite understand or believe.

Anyway, an amusing footnote to the APP. Two tracks from Vulture Culture were issued with the same music video

Let's Talk About Me and The Traveller. As you can see the video fits the former but not the latter. This is not, I am pretty sure, just someone taking one video and putting the other song to it on YouTube (despite lots of the comments on YouTube making this point).

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