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Woomerang Boomerang

Having read another 'Bloke Does Stuff Then / In Order To Write About It' book, which I may at some point mention in a friends only post to avoid ego-googling by the author, it occurs to me that mine would have to be 'my ITV watching childhood'. The trouble it that it would need a good title... 'End Of Part One' was of course an ITV comedy show (which I am the only person that remembers).
After The Break appears to be a novel by a GMTV presenter, a sequel to 'Coming Up Next'. I wish I were making this up but I'm not. Look at Amazon. Go on. I dare you.

[FX: Weasel reaches for Wikipedia as a drunk reaches for a lamp-post]

What I need to do is to find the original Tingha and Tucker puppets.
Oh Jesus, as it were (and if you will excuse the expression) 'The Sunday edition of the programme was notable for its religious content, with Auntie Jean reading bible stories to the two koalas'. Yes, I remember that.
It's coming back to me, I think,
'Tingha and Tucker the two little bears,
'Something something saying their prayers' (or is that false memory syndrome?)
Yes, I remember that. Dear dead days. Small boys, 405 line TVs for goalposts, etc.
Auntie Jean's notability shall not be questioned. Her probable death is relegated to the talk page, shocked I am. And going to bed.
Goodnight children everywhere.

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