Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Monday morning derangement

For the first time, 5 Live have read out one of my deranged text messages on air. Since they tend to be about the stupidity of the reports and/or the reporters and/or the guests this is perhaps not surprising, but maybe as this is the 'silly season' they were short of texts.
Some of you probably know my theory that Mondays, particularly in slow news seasons, are an excellent time to get ones nutty press releases treated as news. All you need is some headed note-paper and to present some dubious findings (preferably from some made up or slanted poll, or one based on a ludicrously small and/or biased sample), and you will probably get a few column inches in the press and an interview on 5 Live.
Today certainly seemed to show this pretty well, the thing that provoked me this time was a grumpy and self righteous spokesperson from Keep Britain Tidy on the evils of graffiti. I sent in a text to say that after hearing the grumpy person from Keep Britain Tidy I was inclined to view the taggers in a much warmer light.

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