Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Hell is other people's C++, cont.

This amused me. It is from the blog of Peter Seibel, author of Coders At Work (which more accurately could be titled 'People who write about software or writing software talk to someone who writes about software and he writes about it). I had a look at Bjarne Stroustrup's web-site to see if he had responded to Ken Thompson's account
"When Stroustrup read the interview he came screaming into my room about how I was undermining him and what I said mattered and I said it was a bad language. I never said it was a bad language. On and on and on." (quoted in the link above, quoted from the book).
Stroustrup's FAQ is fairly abrasive, and I am surprised he has yet to respond to this, but he hasn't updated it since the end of July.

Having said that, there is something of the Slashdot weenie in many of those comments about C++ in that article, however one of the comments is I think particularly telling..

"And I know a couple of people who are masters of C++ and I love to see how they do things because I think they don’t rely on it for the stuff that it’s not really that good at but totally use it as almost a metaprogramming language". Yes, well, hmm. I am trying to think of a good simile for this, something about someone talking about how they like to see chef X make creative use of his chainsaw without safety catch in the kitchen springs somhow to mind.

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