Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel


Has anyone tried one of these things where you play it a chunk of music and it tells you what it is? Do they work?

There is a track I had years ago on a tape, alright decades, of some sort of soft jazz variety. Whilst we were at Marguta, probably the best vegetarian restaurant in the world, in Rome, they played this track, which I had forgotten about but was buried in my subconscious. Sadly when I asked it wasn't a CD, but was some sort of satellite radio service. I could probably find a tape with a crappy recording off the radio but on the whole I think it is only worth tracking down (it will be on a BASF C90 with a number written on it, in a box, somewhere, perhaps), if I can play it to the interwebs and have it tracked down.
I think I can rule out it being Spyro Gyra or Earl Klugh, who were the main exponents of such jazz who got mainstream(ish) radio play in the early 80s, though it is someone vaguely of that ilk.

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