Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

In which the anti-celestialweasel is found and vendetta declared

In the process of replying to an LJ post (which I have since thought better of) I did an ego-search on Google. It is strangely disturbing to see that my favourite alter-ego the Punch & Judy man is now down in 4th position. The other main contender, an academic at the V&A museum, has somehow got to number 1. I used to receive papers for him by email, back in the days when clueless arts students / academics would search for the name and then send random emails on the off-chance it was for the right person - a while ago now admittedly.

The number 2 person looks absolutely awful I must say. On the site, which is some crappy business FOAF style site you have to specify fifty words (the section title is called 'fifty words') and his are...

'New venture, Free, Excited, Work, more work, Travel, Far East, Golf, Rugby, Country sports, Carpe diem, opportunity, fun, kids (mine anyway!) single, friends, Financial planning, Employee Benefits, SME, Sole trader, Wine, Cigars, Organised life, The fairer sex, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, '

Sounds a bit like a Half Man Half Biscuit song!

I declare him to be the anti-celestialweasel and plan to ruin his life in a subtle but thorough way. He will never know why his life suddenly started to go wrong, but may rue the day he displaced the Punch And Judy man (who sounds a nice guy and who sent me a nice reply to the deranged email I sent him congratulating him on receiving his MBE) in the Google ranking.

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