Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Weasel 0 Technology 4

1. My iPod Touch has stopped going into pause mode when I unplug the jack plug connecting it to the car radio.
2. My PC thinks that the iPod touch is a camera.
3. The UI of my phone is so arranged so that I believe it managed to turn itself on and select the 'do you want to delete everything from the memory card?' 'why yes I believe I do' options. Thereby deleting the 100 or so unbacked up photos. Yes, I know I know. I have removed the memory card and when I get round to getting a reader for micro-SD I shall have a go at recovering them. I think I enjoy the process of taking them more than looking at them anyway.
4. Most bizarrely, the internet radio, although the volume control is clearly in software, and the rotary-twiddly-thing clearly works for things other than volume (e.g. changing time on 'listen again' things and choice of stations), when I twiddle the volume control it sounds EXACTLY like twiddling a completely knackered carbon potentiometer.

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