Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

This you have got to listen to

Fans of the strange must at all costs listen to Topology - "The Whitlam Dismissal" on this week's Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone - from
The Australian constitutional crisis set to music, with the politicians and reporters words synced to the music (and, in a sense, vice versa). Starts at about 1hr 10m into the show and lasts about 17 minutes.

Tracklisting and link to what might be the play it again stream here http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/shows/freakzone/tracklisting_20090719.shtml

See http://www.topologymusic.com/davidson/whitlam.htm - there are some Real Audio files on that page but Mr Maconie (whom God preserve), of Utrecht played the whole thing.
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