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Oh dear oh dear oh dear

From an interview with an obscure musician who shall remain nameless...
Q What do you think is the most important spiritual lesson you have learned from the angels?
A I have learned from my angels that every single element on this beautiful Earth is connected to each other. We are all integral to each others lives. We are accountable for every move we make, every word we speak. I have learned that we all have the ability to connect to a higher level of consciousness, for some it easier than others because we all have our own belief systems and levels of spiritual growth. Wherever I am in all of this, I feel safe in the knowledge that there is a higher power, with many names as we know, but there is no doubt in my mind of its existence. We are all blessed and I for one am very thankful for my eclectic life full of wonderful friends and fans who have supported me, no matter what. We are all surrounded by angels heaven and earthbound.

I wonder what answers other musicians would give to that question ?!?!

Alternatively, perhaps it should be an LJ meme. I particularly look forward to mr_snips's answer to the question :-)

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