Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Finally, it's make or break time for the moist chocolate cake

As our yoga teacher is taking 3 months off and the gym couldn't find a stand in (I got the impression from the chap standing in for the last lesson of term's humph when we told him this, that they didn't try that hard) they have Body Badger in the slot again. Body Badger, sorry, Balance is essentially Yoga To House Music That We Can Copyright, so bollocks to that.
Therefore we went to the gym which means you get different TV programs. Celebrity Master-Chef is bizarre in that reality TV shows are so mannered these days, everyone knows how to play along with the imposed narrative and the conventions thereof.
I was also amused to see that when they caution people in The Bill, the subtitles just say "(recites caution)".
Also, someone at the gym was wearing a polo shirt with 'learning outcomes coordinator' on the back. Wouldn't 'pupil' or 'student' be better? Surely the word learner is (for some reason) only used for drivers?

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