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# Let's all meet up in the year 5000 #

OK... thought experiment...
Consider the generation starship. Clearly the generation starship is viewed as being part of the toolbox of SF, therefore if a published / publishable author submitted a generation starship novel no-one would say 'that's Bernal's idea (name taken from Wikipedia, may not be true obviously), you can't use it' because the trope has been grandfathered in on some level. Suppose, then, that a published / publishable author submitted a novel / idea for a novel with some of the aspects of Anathem would this be accepted or is there a cut off date for ideas sinking into the genre's meme pool?
The sort of aspects I am thinking of are, of course, the ones I particularly liked e.g.
1. The math / concent idea, i.e. a sort of secular monastery with the idea that they are responsible for maintaining knowledge over long periods of time.
2. The 'deep time' aspect, with the idea of a metastable society which rises and falls within certain levels but is on some level sustainable - I think in Anathem we are supposed to infer that various of the grandfathered in plants / technologies mean that resources are essentially sustainable on the sort of time-scales the book addresses. Implicit in this is that the Singularity has, for whatever reason, not happened by the time the novel is set.
For me, those were the powerful images of Anathem, and just as multiple authors have had a go at generation starships, I would like to see others have a go at this.

Footnote: I think by now according to ISO standard 10666 I am allowed to say that I assumed that the Singularity would be a major theme of Anathem, though I suppose it can be argued that on some level it is implicitly, you can't avoid the turd in the punch-bowl.

I submit for your interest if you haven't seen it, a page containing Stephenson's sketches for the clock of the long now which shows the genesis of some of the ideas in Anathem http://www.longnow.org/projects/clock/others/

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