Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

The idiot who praises, with enthusiastic tone (part 94)

1. Whenever one visits German cities one always thinks something about how they have the wide open spaces, wide streets etc. How did they manage that? Oh, er, yes, I remember now, oh, mumble.
2. There seems to be a greater fondness for English slogans in adverts etc. than ever before, though they definitely have a quality traditionally associated with Japlish i.e. a bit random
3. Motorail, motorail, motorail. Back when I was little, when the idea of driving the whole way up to Scotland or west to Cornwall was thought of as a major undertaking, there used to be something called Motorail where one drove to London and put ones car on a train and accompanied it on the train (not in the car, in carriages). My friend J's family did this, so maybe it was more of an upper middle-class sort of thing. Clearly as cars and motorways got better and trains got crapper and more expensive this didn't last. Also, I suspect the people who used it all died off. Anyway, the Germans clearly still have this. I suppose it makes more sense in Continental Europe.
4. The newsagents in Germany have all sorts of technical computer magazines of the sort that seem to have died out here, or actually never really existed here here as in Britain apart from the late lamented EXE, but certainly Borders doesn't import American ones any more e.g. a magazine called 'Ruby Way', a PHP one whose name I forget. Whether this suggests something admirable about Germany or something hopelessly naive and old-fashioned I'm not sure.
5. It is now as easy to go to Germany, certainly in big cities, and avoid German food as it is to come to Britain and avoid British food. Om nom nom.

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