Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

I hate to use the 'f' word but...

I have a vague distaste for LCD / plasma / whatever they are screens being used for animated adverts. I suspect that however doomed / non-doomed civilisation is, the building and powering of these wretched things is unlikely to make a big difference one way of the other, but I have never been able to quite shake the 'its the principle of the thing' thing. Also, beyond this the cognitive pollution is annoying.

Anyway, on the bus between the airport and the long term parking there was one of these alternating between
1. A no smoking sign
2. The telephone number of their Gatwick car-park (or so it said). Despite the fact that they were in Birmingham.

The trip to the car-park was probably about 20 minutes. Periodically this would reboot, thus showing us that to run this thing alternating between a no smoking sign and their telephone number, they had an XP PC. The rebooting failed about 50% of the time. Otherwise we saw the BIOS boot sequence, the Windows XP start-up sequence, and finally some sort of Autoexec.bat sequence opening up a command prompt then running the EXE which alternated between the two pictures. There was also a truncated announcement that played each time it started up which if it weren't truncated probably was intended to say something about make sure you know where the exits are (I counted, er, one).

The thought process(es) that lead to this are purely mind-boggling to contemplate.

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