Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
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Whee splat and birthday

On Friday we went for a run up to Boar's Hill and on a footpath I managed to trip over a raised manhole and scrape my knee which is a bit swollen. The ancient peas used for this purpose in the freezer were thrown out in the last week or so, but fortunately t__m__i found some frozen kidney beans which were past their best before date, not surprisingly since the packet we did try was not a great success, they were very hard, so they have taken over as the thing which is not to be eaten as it has been defrosted and refrozen many times.
Yesterday we started off by attempting to go on the Wallingford and Cholsey railway but as the chap was saying 'we can squeeze you on' the train took off. 'I'm supposed to be on it' he said. So we took the dogs for a walk on Wittenham Clumps. I made the mistake at the end of picking up one of the leaflets of the Northmoor Trust which owns the land. (Wikipedia tells me that it was founded and endowed by the founder of Oxford Instruments (*)) This has both an irksome and faintly sinister slogan 'land people ecology' - only one step up from Blood And Soil if you ask me, and some irksome puff on behalf of the North Wessex Downs Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The bizarre thing about this text is that it is written in terms of 'the North Wessex Downs Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty supports the Northmoor Trust in blah blah' as though the land itself were supporting the trust not whatever strange quango that runs it. However, I digress...
Anyway, we then went to Al Shami with a fine array of people, and after enjoying a birthday creamy hedgehog we raced back to get the last train. Fortunately the trains were running late so we caught it with plenty of time to spare. Ivor The Engine was pulling the train, so we puffed through the (possibly outstanding, possibly not) beauty of South Oxfordshire to Cholsey station and back. Sadly, although this line appeared in a list of heritage railways that might be suitable for Parry People Movers, I cannot really see that happening within the current techno-economic paradigm, not that PPMs aren't utterly ludicrous anyway.(**)
Then back to empty the dogs and then off with Mr Snips of this parish to see Watchmen in beautiful Milton Keynes, the last place vaguely near showing it. The cinema was practically empty, so we managed to see it just in time.

(*) I had completely forgotten that I had had an interview with them once decades ago, I can't even remember when. The job looked deeply dull as I recall.
(**) See this forum for people being rude about PPMs http://www.railforums.co.uk/showthread.php?t=17060

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