Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Another modest proposal

I have probably mentioned some of this before.

I really think it is time to get over the taboo over swear-words. Clearly children should be told to use them appropriately, in the same way you would tell them not to swear using bloody, God, whatever, but I think the obsession with not saying fuck / shit etc. should have an official line drawn under it. A date should be given in a few years to allow the people who need to prepare themselves emotionally to do so. i.e. from some point in 2009 people will be allowed to say they have gone for a shit, that here is a film of two lions fucking, that people can fuck without making love (and arguably, depending on your definition of fuck, vice-versa), all records and videos will be played uncensored at all times of the day etc.

Along with this, given the relative lack of public holidays in this country, I suggest that the day on which the taboo is officially abandoned be enshrined as a new public holiday, to be celebrated on the Monday closest to the anniversary of the first day. This new public holiday, possibly the day after Mothering Sunday, will be called Motherfucking Monday.

In Oxford we are ideally placed to celebrate Motherfucking Monday by gathering at Kenneth Tynan's grave (which is in St. Cross churchyard very close to James Blish's).


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