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Trout fishing in America

I think I have probably mentioned this before, but it came to mind as I just finished the most recent Waldrop collection and there are more people on my friends list now who might know the answer...

I have (and had) a recollection that a number of years ago someone, and I remember it as probably being Mr Snips of this parish though he denies all knowledge, telling me that he had heard / read that Howard Waldrop was working on a long novel entitled Trout Fishing In America, which would tell the story of a family down the generations who had supported the party / candidate coming third in the American presidential election - different people in different generations supporting different candidates, obviously.

The key flaws in this are
a) this is the name of a Richard Brautigan novel (not one of his best, sadly)
b) Waldrop clearly hasn't produced this, or written anywhere that I have seen
c) it is hard to imagine him writing a long novel about anything, or actually, a novel

So, was this a dream, or some strange conflation of ideas, or what? Googling fails to come up with any remotely likely suggestions (though did find me the
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_United_States_presidential_candidates - Bill The Cat included).

Any ideas?

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