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Killed by mutineers in Uganda

People in Oxford may have seen one of the inscriptions on the war memorial in Bonn Square:

"Killed by mutineers in Uganda:
Brevet-Major A.B. Thruston"

(see http://www.headington.org.uk/oxon/streets/war_memorials/tirah_memorial.htm which says
"Major A.B.Thruston, whose name appears first, patently did not die in India, but was none the less added to this memorial. He was killed in Uganda by mutinous native officers on the MacDonald Expedition in October 1897. He spoke fluent Arabic and was in charge of a garrison of Sudanese troops who shot him in cold blood together with two other British officers.")

Well, a search for A.B. Thruston reveals he wrote a book viz:
African Incidents: Personal Experiences in Egypt & Unyoro.
THRUSTON (Bt.-Major A.B.)
With an Introduction by Gen. Sir Archibald Hunter, a Memoir of the Author by his brother, E.H. Thruston, and an Account of Major Thruston's last stay in 1897 in the Protectorate, his death, and the Mutiny of the Uganda Rifles.

All the copies are far too expensive to be worth contemplating buying it, even if I were that interested. I do like seeing that on the memorial, it being so out of keeping with the modern multi-cultural city. I have slightly warmed to the new Bonn Square, mainly because it does give more prominence to the war memorial. I am surprised that no-one has suggested moving it somewhere out of the way, given that it is not one from more popular wars.

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