Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Estelle, 1980... Aargh, Runaway, Runaway

Estelle, 1980. "1980, the year that God made me". A truly awful track on the 6 Music playlist. British rap. It is slightly too interesting lyrically and musically to be successfully blottable out, so one is confronted by its full ghastliness. For some reason all the DAB presets had disappeared from my radio so I was frantically hitting buttons to change station. Not quick enough, so the tune was running round my head all morning until I managed to replace it at lunchtime with 'Martin's Gone' by Tom Robinson.
The moral of the story - make sure that Planet Rock is tuned into a button so you can escape from the excesses of 6 Music at a moment's notice.

"me and my cousin used to play 'Mel & Kim'
practising dancin' coming down the stairs and ting
I touched Africa and came back darker
knowing myself feeling my roots a little bit harder"

Full lyrics here, but you won't thank me if you look.

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