Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Back to the future

I see that the YTS (Youth Training Scheme) is being brought back (or the idea is being floated to see what the reaction to it is). Thanks to educational inflation it is now for 21 year olds with degrees instead of 16 year olds without CSEs / O-levels (dunno what is happening to them these days).
I see Microsoft is one of the alleged participants, perhaps we can call them the Billforce.
I wonder if small companies are allowed them, I can think of plenty of tasks I would be ashamed to give to genuine employees but happy to give to Gordon's Gofers, and they probably would learn something, in a sense.

Of course, this gives the lie to the absurd 'we need more science / engineering graduates' meme. Which we don't. We need a business / societal culture in which we can make use of more science / engineering graduates but that's another thing completely. (Want a new nuclear power station, phone up Aviva and order one, you don't need Ph. D. research. You will find there's a 10 year waiting list for pressure vessels but that, too, is another thing [assuming this much repeated factoid is true]).

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