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For those in Oxford and the environs, I would like to draw your attention to http://www.oxorinoco.org/. They take old stuff and recycle it e.g. paint, tools and what they call on their site 'scrap' but I think 'stuff' would be a better word e.g. craft supplies, sparkly stuff, tiles, wallpaper scraps. A fine collection of stuff, though as anyone who has seen our house will know we have a stuff surplus at the moment. They have a bring and take session one a month.
They also sell the biodiesel from GoldenFuels at weekends - I was getting it from one of their guys near Benson, but he stopped doing it, and otherwise they sell it from Restore down Cowley Road but only on weekends.

On the subject of Cowley Road, am I the only person who thinks the new medical centre is a phenomenally ugly building? It looks like some 1960s cluster of shops built weirdly too large giving it a nice oppressing the whole area feel to it.

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