Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

To the very depths of Docklands and back

I have been to London and back without encountering any bombs, Sarin gas or polyamorous bisexual goths (private joke).
Due to a combination of apathy and crap public transport I didn't get there until quite late so didn't do much of the wandering I had pseudo-planned. I did, however, get to Canary Wharf and take some photos with my phone, one or two of which look quite cool on its screen. I may upload them when I feel in the mood to do battle with Bluetooth.
I also discovered, interestingly, that you can walk from Southwark tube station to Waterloo mainline station without actually setting foot outside since there are walkways all the way from their, via Waterloo East to Waterloo main. I then ended up walking a very long way round to get to the (Jubilee) footbridge the upstream side of Southwark Bridge as quite a large area was fenced off for no adequately explored reason. I think in retrospect there would have been a much shorter route. En route some bizarre photo-shoot was taking place with pink cars outside the London Eye.
There were a number of no shows amongst the group of people I was meeting, including the two proponents of the 'lets go to a pub instead of a restaurant' theory, so the five of us who did turn up had a couple of drinks then went to a restaurant :-) The no-shows obviously need to work on their work-life balance!

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