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No spoilers forbidden by ISO 10666...
Various reviews of Anathem have suggested that saying anything about it almost counts as a spoiler, which I can kind of see. So, anyway...
non-spoiler... it wasn't about what I thought it was going to be about. I think I would have preferred to it be about what I though it was about. I found one definite error between 'The Dictionary' and the chronology at the beginning (an event was 100 years earlier in one list than the other), and I think I spotted somewhere where he forgot to use his made-up term for something (and, no, not when the mmmph mmmph mmmph).
Beyond that, one can clearly argue how convincing the premise is, but I will wait for more of you to read it before we have our heated discussion.
Nonetheless, I think it will be viewed as one of the all time greats, I think there are a number of awards we may as well just award now rather than waste our time with other nominations.
Of course, since I hate lots of books other people like, this could be one of the ones that I like but most other people hate.

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