Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Six feet under Eliza Dushku

We all know that what everyone wants in a blog is an incoherent description of a slightly non-linear dream.
The dream was a conflation of '6 Feet Under', 'Tru Calling' and the plot of my emergency back-up novel.
The novel starts (or will start) with the main protagonists interviewing someone for a job. Despite them thinking the interviewee is useless, they are outvoted. Nonetheless, when the person fails to turn up to work, they feel that at very least they should check that he is OK. They find out he isn't, to be precise he has committed suicide in his flat and is a 'leaker' i.e. the body hasn't been discovered (all together now 'take my hand, don't fear the leakers').
Anyway, this happened in the dream, then it mutated to my being an undertaker, then it mutated again into my having the supernatural power of being able to roll back time and prevent him from being killed, in the manner of the awful Tru Calling.
At this point the dream went non-linear, I think Bangkok was involved, since we have just got back from there.

Nonetheless this was unusually coherent for one of my dreams and has rather swayed me towards having a go at writing the emergency back-up novel, if only to spare me the research into the 1980s as previously discussed.

Also, I liked the title of this entry :-)

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