Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

The good, the badger and the ugly

That book list floating around:

Here goes my SF cred:
Books read (including one or more from a series) 8
Authors I have read something else by but not read that book 2
Authors I have heard of but not read anything by knowingly 9 (in only a couple of cases would I be able to tell you anything more than maybe their nationality and a title or two)
Authors I haven't heard of 1

Of the 8:
genuinely excellent books - 2 (PR, Snow Crash)
books where I have liked other works by that author significantly more - 4 (Banks, given that I vastly prefer the best of his non-SF to his SF, Robinson, Stross, Ryman - the Ryman I have mentioned before more than once that I thought Air was really really offensively and notably crap, though 253 and The Child Garden were both excellent)
Rather meh books from what looks to have been one of my periodic upsurges in SF reading, both of which I suspect contributed to the subsequent downsurge in no small part - 2 (Simmons, Tepper)

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