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The End Of Mr Y't Light

In fairness, I must say that The End Of Mr Y was not at all bad. The curious thing though is that none of the reviews I read made it clear how much of a mainstream SF novel it is. It is very similar in plot and, indeed, tone to White Light by Rudy Rucker (I am not suggesting plagiarism or even knowledge / homage), with deconstructionism taking the place of transfinite number theory, and no-one would really deny White Light was SF - though I have a dim recollection that Forbidden Planet kept it on their one shelf titled 'slipstream' which mysteriously also contained a copy of a book entitled 'Anal Pleasure'.
Most of the reviews of The End Of Mr Y made comments about the deconstructionism and transgressive sex. Maybe as a life-long SF reader I am too steeped in perversity, but the sex didn't seem notably transgressive to me - a bit of light to moderate bondage and some role-play where the heroine (ST's familiar Mary-Sue) and her boy-friend pretend he's paying her for sex.

The question that has nagged at me through 4 of Ms. T's books (including one of the semi-suppressed detective novels) is to what extent her viewpoint character is her or what she would like to be like. Having read this http://www.danutakean.com/blog/?p=291, it seems that it is more that she did have a semi-exotic upbringing, rather than having a dull middle class one and wishing that she had an exotic one.

t__m__i read the first chapter of the detective novel, and said 'does the annoying woman get killed?'. Sadly no, she is the detective (creative writing teacher by day, amateur detective by night, 'Murder, She Critiqued'??). The plot - involving cults, raves, designer drugs, mad academics - is definitely on a par with those of 'Law And Order - Ludicrous Crimes Squad'. As with all British detective novels it is hard not to imagine it as an ITV drama, and to imagine the author imagining it as an ITV drama.

I think she makes a better SF writer than a detective writer or warrior against capitalism. Give the woman a Hugo, stat!

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