Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Taunted by chocolate

As part of the quest for world domination, our local Tesco has an aisle of stuff that would normally be sold in local ethnic shops where e.g. you can buy large containers of spices for the price of the naff little jars two aisles along, cheaper chick-peas than available in the canned food section etc. They also have some Polish stuff including Mella Galaretka which are chocolate covered fruit jellies which are vegan. They are best described as being like Jaffa Cakes but without the cake.
Perplexingly, the box shows pictures of flavours other than orange, viz cherry and something purple which could be blackberry or blackcurrant. More perplexingly, a search on the web reveals there are at least 3 other flavours including these three i.e. 6 in total. However, whilst there are on-line Polish shops in the UK, they all deliver themselves rather than sell by post (one only in London, one in London and other places where they presumably have partner shops), the only place I have found which does them mail order is from Poland and I don't think I want them that much.
The Polish shop down Cowley Road was shut when I went past it yesterday evening, but didn't obviously have any unless on the one shelf not visible from the window, I shall go and check though.

Incidentally, the doomed shop (on the corner of Bullingdon Road and St Mary's Road, I think) has shut again, it is going to open as a Bangla fish and stuff (and Afro-Caribbean stuff) shop later in July. It has been, in fairly short order, a tattoo parlour, a Brazilian food shop and a Polish shop. Better luck this time, I guess :-)

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