Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Not for very much longer...

1. If I never see another bloody Dalek it will be too soon.

2. Given that, for whatever reason, Ms. Piper is no longer willing or able to do the Rose voice, it is really beyond the wit and resources of the Big British Castle to hire a Rose impersonator and dub the voice?

3. Or better still, given the generally slightly bizarre nature of the performance, a Rose impersonator to do the acting as well.

4. Does no-one have the power to beat Rusty about the head with a rolled up copy of a 1980s Dr. Who Magazine and go 'Oy, Rusty, no!', with particular reference to the utterly redundant sub-plots e.g. Martha laboriously goes to Germany with the Finn of McGuff, 'we have something to blow the earth to bits', 'no,' says The Doctor, 'don't'. 'Oh, alright then, I won't.' (and 'Let us stand here in our stasis field'... later...'Oh look, the Dalek's exploded')?

5. As I have probably ranted to some of you, my number one irk with television things is when series think themselves loveable, and have long group-hugs and bye-byes at the end - see particularly the Christmas special of Green Wing (the series of which had not been nearly long enough or good enough to merit this treatment) and the endless Vicar Of Dibley specials. Therefore it was with horror I realised that the Daleks had been flushed down the cosmic plughole (they go down clockwise if you are above the ultra-hyper-mega-equator of the space time multiverse timey wimey continiu-didley-um) and there were STILL TWENTY MINUTES TO GO.

6. I had to hide in the toilet at one point during the 20 minute group-hug-fest.

7. So, this leaves us the question, did we just imagine a 4 series arc with The Doctor gradually re-engaging with life-kind and eventually being driven to change things that should not be changed and rerun the Time War? Or did he cop-out for some reason? If the former, was it apophenia on our behalves? Is Rusty an unconscious artist who achieves effects (sometimes) without realising why?

8. Also, if we're not rerunning the Time War, what do we expect from the specials?

9. Did the costume budget presumably greater than Torchwood's mean that Eve Myles was given some trousers that actually fit for once and made her look less lumpy, or do I need to increase / decrease the dosage of the tablets?
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