Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
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# Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer #

# We'll keep the red bus bending here #

See Boriswatch http://www.boriswatch.co.uk/ for the following:

Boris: What I said throughout the campaign, in the manifesto, was that what I wanted to do was to phase [the bendy-bus] out, as you brought in the new generation bus…

Presenter: Well actually, what you said during the campaign was: "We should on day one, act one, scene one, get rid of the bendy-bus"!

Boris (looking shocked at the very idea, speechless for a second or two): I don’t think, er, to be fair to me, I think it’s very, very difficult to get rid, what I said was that we will phase it out, and that’s what we’ll, we will be doing.

Translation: "I said this." "Actually you said something else." "Er, to be fair to me, that wasn’t true, and everyone knew it couldn’t have been true, so regardless of the fact that I clearly lied during my campaign, it’s clear to me that what I really said must have been what I just claimed I said." Great logic, Boris.

Just after that, we also got what to Mrs. Stop Boris and me sounded very much like the first ever words in defence of bendy-buses to pass his lips:

There is an argument about… whether you can take them all off the streets at one… swoop, or whether you need to phase them out… and what I said throughout the campaign was that you could… because you do need, the fact is, at peak times, you need a volume carrier of some kind.

(Note: "…" doesn’t represent me cutting anything, it represents him trailing off or pausing, or simply being unable to finish one sentence before leaping into the next.)

Could this be the first whisper of a hint of a trace of a backpedal on the commitment to get rid of bendy-buses completely?

Clearly someone has broken to Boris that
a) TfL does not actually own the bus companies, due to the Tories privatising them
b) the bus companies probably have lease contracts for the bendy-buses and buying them out is not tremendously viable
c) in the current techno-economic paradigm, one cannot assemble a prototype bus in the LT works in Chiswick (no LT, remember?) and then get the AEC factory on Southall to produce a few hundred for LT (no LT, remember?).

Clearly the fact that he has consultants crawling all over City Hall, specifically half a million's 'worth', for his transition team ( http://www.boriswatch.co.uk/2008/06/08/whoops-half-a-million-pounds-slips-past-boris/ ) is more relevant as a sign of what is to come under a Cameron premiership, but then many of my highly paid consultant friends are supping of the government / quangocracy trough at the moment so it may be that things cannot actually get much worse, but I suppose there is always room for some more consultants.

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