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#Talk about the famous road untaken, in the end we never took it#

"Manifesto - Francis Cripps, John Griffith, Frances Morrell, Jimmy Reid, Peter Townsend and Stuart Weir (£1-95)

a radical manifesto for Britain's future

Britain in crisis: mass unemployment, industrial collapse, the country's future in the hands of a global marketplace dominated by multinational companies and international institutions. Manifesto provides a trenchant analysis of Britain today and a programme of closely argued radical change. The work of six active members of the Labour Party, Manifesto projects the construction of a freer, more open and equal society on the foundations of economic recovery."

Hmm. Strangely appealing (and at least one copy for under a quid on Abebooks). Ironically (for some values of irony), this is one of the books advertised in the back of the Pan book on the Fifth Generation Project, which I mentioned before, and which found its way back into the bathroom for a little light bath-time reading. The 5G book is a revised 1984 edition, but Manifesto seems to have been published in 1979 i.e. before the 2nd Labour defeat in 1983.

This does of course speak to the perennial, to me anyway, question of to what extent Britain could have avoided the Thatcher 'year zero' approach to industry, the economy etc. Clearly the rhetoric could have been nicer, but the reality ???


Or not.

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