Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Keeping the iffy in Skiffy

OK, please explain to me the subtleties in this story http://nofearofthefuture.blogspot.com/2007/05/alternate-history-of-chinese-science.html
It is a nominee for the short form Sideways Award http://www.uchronia.net/sidewise/ and superficially to this weasel it seems bizarre that in a year in which more than 7 alternate history short stories were written (which seems a fair bet) this would be one of the seven nominees.
But I am probably missing something.

Then again, Halfpenny is one of the nominees for the long form, and if it is anything like Farthing it seems a fair bet that the nominators' tastes are very different from mine.

Also, now that The Yiddish Policeman's Badger has won the Nebula, this is your last chance to explain the POD to me, before I am forced to go through it in detail making notes as I did when I found the enormous chronological holes in Cryptonomicon.

I will be making particular reference to the presumed role of Glubb Pasha http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glubb in the defeat of Israel. I assume that it is supposed to be him wot done it in Chabon's timeline.
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