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Provoked by Mr jackfirecat's recent post...

TVS 1996 - TV show idents and continuity. Note particularly

a) TVS local idents 'TVS - for the best view of the south'. Note masterful use of Quantel Paintbox
b) ITN headlines - unemployment keeps going up, 1 in 7 now out of work
c) The truly freaky 'Coast to Coast' (local news) credits.

I have probably already mentioned Radio, the weird local soap opera set in a local radio station, too obscure for Wikipedia and obviously 'Radio TVS' is not going to get you anywhere when searching.

I have always suspected that working for TVS in the mid-80s would have been as good as it got working in TV. A newer company and therefore less hide-bound, newer kit, but before the generation of stations after that and casualisation.

Also, the BBC should not think that the Committee To Avenge Michael Lush has disbanded. We are just waiting for our moment...

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