Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

A modest profauxsal

I keep meaning to post this, but never quite get round to it...
Clearly, what we need is a word which means broadly the same as 'proposal' but carries the additional meaning of 'but whilst press releases have been sent round and been dutifully reproduced by the gullible and/or lazy media, and people have been interviewed, this is manifestly not going to happen due to
a) being a phenomenally stupid idea even beyond the stupid ideas that do get implemented
b) requiring The Singularity and/or a solution to the Hard AI problem
c) requiring a new and fundamentally different techno-economic paradigm
and/or (more prosaically and actually the most common)
d) fundamentally not being worth anyone's time or money
e) it being a solution to a non-problem

This putative term is needed on the micro- as well as the macro- scale e.g. elderly parents suggesting things that they might have for dinner on Mondays when as everyone knows they have had macaroni cheese every Monday for the last 20 years, discussions at work about how to cooperate with some other software when inevitably the answer will end up being 'let's put on the show right here in the old barn, with CSV files'.

The word I have come up with is 'profauxsal'. Profauxsals are, of course, profauxed by profauxers.

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